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1. What is the legal nature of APD?
APD is a non-profit private company, with public interest and purpose in the form of an autonomous social service.

2. What are the goals of APD?
• Identifying and proposing solutions to infrastructure problems that are, in some way, hindering the development of economic activities of production chains;
• Articulation between public and private entities, national or foreign, to promote business opportunities and generate employment and income, fostering partnerships and public-private partnerships;
• To assist municipal districts in serving the investor and in developing the business environment;
• Attracting new investment, domestic or foreign, as well as promoting and encouraging the expansion of companies in the state;
• Monitoring and development of business activity, after the companies installation ;
• Prospecting investment opportunities in the State(Paraná) in Brazil and abroad;
• Provisioning the economic agents with technical, scientific and strategic information that contribute to the development of the state.
• Promoting the State image as an investment destination through campaigns and actions;
• Establish and maintain exchanges with similar action organizations, funding and development agencies and other national and international organizations that contribute to the same goals;
• Suggest government actions aimed at economic development;
• Articulating with funding institutions to support development programs;
• Centralization and preparation of statistical studies related to economic activity, taking advantage of works already developed by other state agencies;
• Exercise of other activities that are included in its social goals.

3. Are there sectors considered strategic by the APD?
The APD serves companies of all sectors. However, six sectors are considered priority in the actions developed by the agency. They are: Aerospace and Defense, agroindustry and biotechnology, electronics, life Sciences, Renewable Energy and Automotive.

4. How can I offer my products and services to APD?
Most goods and services contracted by APD happens through bidding or price check.To learn more you can get in touch with the responsible sector over the phone 41 3350 0316.

5. Who are the main partners of APD?
Among the main APD partners are Secretaries of State, local governments, universities, research institutes, embassies, consulates, trade chambers and associations.

6. What is the PMAI?
The PMAI - Municipal Program for Attracting investment is a service offered by APD to municipalities. Its goal is to study the production chain of the region concerned, identifying their potential and assisting the municipality to develop and prepare to receive investments.

7. Can APD help to find a place for my company to get installed?
Yes. APD has a database that can help your company find the best place to get installed within the technical requirements of each sector.

8. Are the support services provided to the investor charged?
No, APD does not charge for investor support services.

9. Does APD perform financing or loans services?
No, APD is a facilitator for businesses in the access to information and contacts, but it does not make loans or financing.

10. Can I have access to information from companies served by APD?
No. The information from companies served by APD are protected by confidentiality agreements and can not be shared.

11. Are the Information shared by my company with APD safe?
Yes. All information from the companies served by APD are protected by confidentiality agreements and are can not be shared.

12. My company is interested in providing services to future investors. How do I get access to contact information?
APD is not authorized to provide information on potential or future investors until the investment is already confirmed and / or published in the media. Once the investor has a need for a product or service you offer, however, and your company has made registration in our system, your contact will be available to the investors as a potential supplier.

13. Which companies can be attended by APD?
APD attends all kinds of companies. However, the state priorities are projects with high impact on the jobs and income generation for the population and the expansion of initiatives involving innovation, sustainability and technological development.

14. What are the APD strategies to attract investments to the state?
To attract more companies to Paraná, APD promotes the state's image in Brazil and abroad, it participates and conducts national and international events, establishes and maintain partnerships with key-entities, meets investors at all stages of the project and assists the State in the development, improvement and creation of public policies that contribute to greater attractiveness of the state.

15. What incentives can my company get if it would have the interest in settling in Parana?
Paraná has an incentive program for companies wishing to settle in the state or expand its activities whose rules are set by law. This is the Competitive Paraná program that, based on technical evaluations and a final opinion from the Department of Finance, may or may not grant the deferment of the ICMS generated by the company, helping to boost the initial activities generated by the investment. More information here.

16. Is it possible to get full exemption of ICMS?
No, once the Federal Constitution does not allow it. The incentives that Paraná offers are restricted to the context of the Competitive Paraná Program and specific legislations.

17. Is it in APDs responsibility to decide whether to grant or not fiscal incentives?
No. The APD is limited to issue a technical report based on information provided by the company to assist in decision making. The final decision is restricted to the State Department of Taxation and Finance.