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Searching for opportunities, immigrants from more than 70 countries found in Paraná, the most fertile soil for their dreams, making the state one of the most multicultural and entrepreneurial in Brazil, a synonymous of prosperity and growth.

We have one of the best environments for business in Brazil, ranking among the three most attractive Brazilian states for direct investments. Through the Paraná Competitive Program, we have attracted more than R$ 40 billion in direct investments in the last five years.

And Paraná also has:

And Paraná also has:


An important tool in the new wave of state industrialization, developed to attract investments.

The program was created in early 2011 to reinsert Paraná on the national, international and local investment agenda. Contemplating a series of measures through the expansion of deadlines for ICMS payment, investments to improve infrastructure, foreign trade, reduction of bureaucracy and professional training, in order to make Paraná the most attractive state for new productive enterprises that generate employment, income, prosperity and sustainable development.


In order to serve the municipal districts in an individual and personalized way, APD has created the PMAI- Municipal Program of Investment Attraction.
In addition to ensuring investor safety, the Program assists in improving the city's business environment and its management, making it more attractive and efficient


Information that gives subsidies to investors about their challenges and potentialities!

The Paraná Development Agency aims to present sectoral studies that concentrate information on the economic development of the state, analyzing its technological dynamism, evolution and economic, social and environmental restructuring based on the generation of jobs and income, foreign exchanges, domestic supply, competitiveness, efficiency and organization.